Rules of the mature discussion

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Rules of the mature discussion

Post by QueenBella on Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:16 am

Serious, sensible discussion. Not the place for joking around, and certainly no flaming! Some topics may not be suitable for younger audiences.

A topic can be removed at any time if it doesn't follow the limitations above.

Let's not forget to mention that anything 18+ is allowed to be discussed here. Keep in mind that there are limitations to this as well.

  • Sexual Harassment topics will get you insta-banned.
  • The topic of pornography must be at a minimum. It can be discussed but we have to manage this sub-forum as well.
  • Political Bias please keep them to yourself. If this is brought out and you begin to insult someone based on their political affiliations. The posts will be deleted (along with the responses) and you will be confronted by a Moderator or the Admin himself.

Thank you and please have fun in this sub-forum.

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My fathers biggest lesson to me was simple, we're all mentally limited some of us can break through that mental limitation. Once broken we discover what we can really do and our possibilities become endless.


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