Comix-Blade from PC to console.

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Comix-Blade from PC to console.

Post by metateen on Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:03 pm

Hinted at near the end of the year though I'll make it public now.

Comix-Blade has been developing games specifically for PC I.E being available on and or Cd's for a physical release.

Games such as:
Hailstorm Ace, Operation Savior, Young Vigilante, and James PC: Walk around.

After being heavily discussed with QueenBella. We've decided to aim more to developing games for the Xbox One while also maintaining a publishing stance on the online market. While we're still distant from them mainly Steam. we're still planning for the first release for our jump to the console market during the summer this year.

Some may ask... "Why not for Nintendo Wii-U and or PS4?"

We're more or less preparing for the release of the Nintendo NX so we completely disregarded the possibilities with the Wii-U at the time. PS4 seems to be flooded with other indie games making competitive play, Tenacious. For Xbox One, most aren't taking it to it's open advantage. This alone is the prime reason which it was selected as not many are interested for developing on it. Which is something that we'll do and aren't afraid to get into developing on it.

We have plans of remaking older games from 2014 such as Charmed Journey and Zachs Arch! Not to mention those post-poned games has will be uploaded this month and placed on the market shortly after.

This is a notification that needed to come out and be noted for something big to expect this year. As many plans were made prior to this and it'll come to pass that this event will be a big one!

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