What series would you like to see animated?!

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What series would you like to see animated?!

Post by metateen on Sun Jan 17, 2016 2:13 pm

Hinted in 2015 during the end of Writers Summer. That this year we'll be launching the animated universe!

Now first thing is first...What exactly do you want to see animated and why? There are plenty of series to name! Kid Wars, Living with the Reds, Zachs Arch, Hailstorm Ace, and the list goes on. This is all opinion and if the opinion builds I'll actually propose of the comic/game/book to animation jump.

If you have a series in mind you want to see animated. Give a name and your reason why below, this is all going to be based on the communities input on this possibility and I want you all to have a say.

Though the confirmation of Kid Wars: Year of the Commandos for the first series to be animated. Mainly due to it's short run and quick point A to B run.

As it was a series from

Saga 1:Our stand to command
Episode 1: The Year is 1996

Saga 5: Six months and strong
Episode 79: The Battle has turned against us

Running from May 2015 all the way to January 2016, as it's ongoing. It's brisk and short, it's planned to be released via-Netflix series. Though it can be changed at any time, it'll be updated if change comes into play.

Though if you have any suggestions and why? Please do leave a comment and a reason why below! It'll be read and taken note of.

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