Launching of the Comix-Blade community forum!

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Launching of the Comix-Blade community forum!

Post by QueenBella on Sun Jan 17, 2016 1:36 pm

We're now ready to go! We have the time and everything necessary to move forward and I'm more than happy to announce the release of the community forum!

Now, time for the obvious question...Why on Forumotion and not on any other site?

We tried a few sites from January 8th,2015 to March 21st, 2015. We lasted a few 'weeks' into the forum and this is what came to be of it:

As you can tell, the site looks very terrible. While it will be active until the 31st. It'll be a source for previous looks to come and a historical attempt at our forum creation. Busy making forum after forum. Comix-Blade founder and president, James Evans. Made this little quote!

James Evans wrote:It's a possibility that I may use a similar forum look that the Cinemasnob has on his site. Simple as it is, I can and will make adjustments to make the site to my liking.

So we gave it a shot and after a few rules of looking and editing where it was required. We announced the finishing touches will be completed by January 25th! For those of you who have searched for this forum on your own. You're still looking at the beta stages.

Welcome to the Comix-Blade Community Forums! Come here and discuss all things Comix-Blade! Please do indeed follow all the rules as posted in certain sub-forums. There is a Q&A section as well so please go there if you want to confront any Moderator and or the Admin if you have any questions at all regarding the site.

Please do enjoy your time here, it's much appreciated!

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My fathers biggest lesson to me was simple, we're all mentally limited some of us can break through that mental limitation. Once broken we discover what we can really do and our possibilities become endless.


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Re: Launching of the Comix-Blade community forum!

Post by metateen on Mon Nov 07, 2016 10:42 am

After a long line of waiting as well a massive line up of development and publications of massive other projects. I have decided to revive the forum as well as made a lot of adjustments regarding the sites format as well as how it will be.

With this new look up, I may get around to developing other personal according as well. Emoji edits are in consideration, as well as a format coloration in the mobile format of the site. Though that will be continued at a later date and time. I would like to make a custom meebo like chat system but again. That is all based on soon to be products. Not part of my current plans either, so from one point to the next point. I will be stuck for a moment or two when we get to it all eventually.

So as of now, I have purged all previous posts before this of one, this thread is to remain open as of the moment being. As eventually I will get this community going strong but one step at a time.

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