Do not give anyone your password or other information

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Do not give anyone your password or other information

Post by QueenBella on Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:56 am

All right, we have to set some rules down in here.

Please do not respond to such a message. There is no undercover admin team and these messages are completely bogus. No genuine representative of Comix-Blade will ask any user for their password. Any request for your password should be regarded as an attempt to hack your account. Absolutely never give your password to anyone. This of course applies not only to but also to any other site you visit. This is how identity theft occurs.

If you receive a message from anyone who claims to be a moderator or administrator and you are not sure they are who they say they are, please report the post using the Report Post icon  at the top right of every private message. Or report the message to . We will determine if the moderator and the message are indeed legitimate.

Some tips:

* An admin or mod will NEVER ask for a password, and you should NEVER give this information out to anyone.

* All Comix-Blade Admins and Mods have a Site Admin or Mod tag that is immediately visible in their profile.

* Report all violations, suspicious emails or private messages to

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